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ID-1224 (Government license)

K 2 Climbing Expedition
Climbing Expeditions

Other names:             Chogori and Mount Goldwin Austen Peak
Elevation:                   8611 meter/ 28253 feet
Location:                    Karakoram- Baltoro Skardu
Latitude:                    35°- 53' N
Longitude:                  76°-31' E
Best period to climb:    End of May to August
First climbing year:      31st July 1954
First climber:              Achill compagoni, Lino Lacedill/Italian expedition
Nearest town:             Skardu,Baltistan Northern Areas (Gilgit-Baltistan)


Day-01: Arrival Islamabad/hotel
Day-02: Government formalities
Day-03: Fly Skardu or drive to CHilas
Day-04: Preparation or continue to Skardu from Chilas
Day-05: Jeeps drive to Askoli/camp
Day-06: Trek to Jula
Day-07: Trek to Pauju
Day-08: Trek to Urducex
Day-09: Trek to Goro II
Day-10: Trek to Concorda
Day-11: K 2 Base Camp
Day-12 to 46: Acclimatization and climbing
Day-47: Trek back to Concordia
Day-48: Goro II
Day-49: Payju
Day-50: Jula
Day-51: Askoli
Day-52: Jeep drive to Skardu/hotel
Day-53: Fly to Islamabad or drive to Chilas
Day-54: De-briefing or continue to Islamabad
Day-55: Departure


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