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Horse And Yak Treks
Horse and Yak Treks

You may travel by aero-plan, by bus or by train but traveling by horse is unique one, especially on the mountainous region. Horse is beautiful animal but expensive to keep it now a days. Horse has been used only for ridding, war and traveling in the pastime and has a vital role in the Northern Area’s culture on the North part of Pakistan. The Polo is national game of this region and could be played by horses. In the North of Pakistan people now use the horses for ridding, polo game and for loading too. In the summer the people on the mountains change their pasturelands with cows, sheep, goats and camps, so they use horses and yaks to transport the loads.

The YAK is dweller of mountain and is a fierce looking shaggy creature, similar to cow and have been found in the extreme North of Pakistan, especially in the Upper Hunza Valley- Gojal, Skardu, Chitral region. Yaks have been used as a source of milk, beef, wools and carrying the loads to the mountains in the pastures and also for ridding on the mountains.

“NORTH PAKISTAN ADVENTURE” is pleased to offer you different programs of Horse ridding in various regions of Northern Areas of Pakistan. These areas, in the North of Pakistan are known for natural beauty and invigorating climate. They are snow-bound for the most part of the year, so the modern life has not affected their original form. In fact the most inhabitants living in these areas are mostly friendly, shy and innocent to to-days world. Everywhere you will find hospitable people welcoming you to their homes. Visiting to these areas also offers a unique experience of stepping back in the time because in most of the valleys people live to day the man lived centuries ago, free of all complications which are generally faced by the competitive life of modern city dwellers.

We may arrange the Polo, “The king of the games and game if the kings” in Chitral, Gilgit and Skardu, which is actually originated in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, and developed into competitive sport by the Persians in the Central Asia. It has been spread to the southwest Europe and also east to north of Indian Sub-Continent and is playing in the Northern Areas still as a popular sport. The game hasn't changed much in the last 300 years the local people proudly call it "free-style polo", being boundless from any regulation beside gallantry. The annual polo tournament is played in the month of July on the top of SHANDUR PASS 3800M, situated between Gilgit and Chitral Valley. It is world highest polo ground surrounded by some of the most spectacular mountains of the Himalaya and the Hindu-Kush Ranges.

•    On the horseback to highest plateau of the world “Deosai”    
•    On the horseback to the roof of the world “Shandur”    
•    Trekking on the horse in Hindu-Kuh Valley        
•    Horse Trekking in Yarkhun Valley- Hindu-Kuh        
•    Horseback Adventure in Khghan Valley    
•    Fairy Meadow – Nanga Parbat Base Camp        
•    Yak Trek on Batura Glacier - Hunza        
•    Yak trekking in Shimshal Pamir - Hunza            

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