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ID-1224 (Government license)

Climbing Expeditions

Passu Peak is located in the range of Karakorum at the western end of Batura Muztagh in the Passu village of Upper Hunza Valley and near border with China.  It is easily visible from the Karakorum Highway at Passu and there are many more peaks around it are Batura I (7885m), Balter Peak (7400m), Shispare (7611m), Kampir Deior (7600m). It lies between Batura Glacier, which is 6th largest glacier in the world, Gulkin Glacier and Kamaris Glacier. The approach to its base camp is very easily from Karakorum Highway, around two days trek from Borit Lake.

It is technical climb on this peak, hidden crevasses, ice shoulders and an ice dome on the top of Batura Muztagh.

Day-01: Arrival to Islamabad/hotel
Day-02: Formalities
Day-03: Fly to Gilgit or drive to Chilas
Day-04: Continue to Karimabad
Day-05: Borite Lake/camp
Day-06: Trek to Passughar
Day-07: Trek to Luzdur
Day-08: Base Camp
Day09 to 28: Climbing and acclimatization
Day-29: Borite Lake
Day-30: Drive to Karimabad/hotel
Day-31: Drive to Chilas/hotel
Day-32: Islamabad
Day-33: Departure


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