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ID-1224 (Government license)

Climbing Expeditions

Trango is the group of the mountains on the Baltoro Glacier region called « Trango Group », which is one of most remarkable mountain setting on earth. The Great Trango (6286M) and Nameless Tower (6251M) offer wonderful experience for climbers wanting a taste of the best in the Himalayas without extreme altitude but only moderately technical climbing. These rock walls are very famous in Pakistan, are highest rock walls on earth.

As the Government of Pakistan made open (free) to climb the peaks up to 6500M altitude without climbing permit (without paying royalty of peak), in order to promote the trekking and mountaineering in Pakistan. These peaks are below 6500M and good opportunity to climb these spectacular peaks in the Karakorum. You need only a trekking permit to enter the Baltoro region and briefing, de-briefing at the Tourism Department or Alpine Club. You do not need the climbing permit, royalty fee, liaison officer etc.

The approach route to the Base Camp is from Skardu town, which is connected with Islamabad by road and by air. There is Jeep road from Skardu up to beginning of the trek Thongal or Askoli, which is the last village on the trek to Baltoro Glacier.

Day-01: Arrival Islamabad/hotel
Day-02: Government formalities
Day-03: Fly Skardu or drive to CHilas
Day-04: Preparation or Skardu
Day-05: Jeeps drive to Askoli/camp
Day-06: Trek to Jula
Day-07: Trek to Pauju
Day-08: Trek to Base Camp
Day-09 to 18: Climbing and acclimatization
Day-19: Trek back to Pauju
Day-20: Jula
Day-21: Askoli
Day-22: Skardu/hotel
Day-23: Fly to Islamabad or drive to Chilas
Day-24: De-briefing or Islamabad
Day-25: Departure

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